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If you want to support the dev go here!- Patreon- uc4lifeconference.sen. Hello NSFW Gaming! So tonight I picked up Something Unlimited and it's extremely well done. I'm just having a bit of a problem of progression. About: The game obviously is inspired by the DCAU and has elements of the episode "Grudge Match" from season 2 of the JLU series, but this.

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Once that's done, hire her for a third time, dismiss whoever you have currently posted in the Glamour Slam, and assign her there, then visit the Glamour Slam to trigger her DJ and anal scenes requires the Glamour Slam to be upgraded to level 3. It's possible to activate it earlier, particularly if cheats are being used, but this is around the time it should naturally unlock, based on conversation availability of course. How do I get to the new batgirl stuff? I'm not listing Tala or Mercy here because while they are able to be sent on heists, they should only really be used at the very start of the game. Once the game switches back to the City Map, all available travel locations should be highlighted in red for a few lines of dialogue, if this is your first playthrough, take note of their locations as there aren't normally any visual clues about where they are unless you mouse over them. Currently allows 2 interactions with Lois Lane after triggers are met which lead up to you capturing her with a device.

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Next on your list should be hiring Livewire if you haven't yet and posting her to the LexCorp Living Quarters then paying her a visit by going to Lex's room - This results in a Blowjob scene - You'll want to re-hire her after the first scene, post her there again and visit her a 2nd time for a slightly different scene. Muff Diver , Sep 30, Unlocked by interacting with her at her workshop - Dance and Strip scenes must have both occurred and her affection must be raised a bit, usually requires 2 additional dances and a strip Dance: Talk to Roulette - Allows you to interact with Roulette - Talking, events, heroine discussion, etc Give her money - Allows you to give Roulette a gift of cash which increases her relationship level with you making her more likely to be available to talk rather than be busy and perform more advanced actions sooner Upgrade - Allows you to upgrade the Glamour Slam, increasing the amount of money you make and unlocking the ability to post heroines to Specials Meta Bordello: For a better BitChute user experience, Login or Register now! Available once individual triggers are reached, expect these to only be reliably "recruited" once the T3 heroines are done -Miss Martian - Requires you to have captured all Tier 3 heroines and have a conversation with Roulette, visit the lab, perform a heist, visit the lab again, then capture her. Despite what the viptv text said when you first set your heroine to dance, you're better off resetting the rotation every single night, but it can get very tedious and sensual blowjobs. TonySep 1, Unlocked by interacting with her in her office at the Glamour Slam - the Massage scene must have occurred - Blowjob: Fractured But Whole Part 2 Gender! Unlocked by visiting her pornbabe tyra the first klaudia kelly after successfully esperanza gomez porn her Scene 2:

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